Got a friend moving house? Here are some great gift ideas

Posted by Louise Galley on

It's customary to give people gifts when they move home, especially if you are hoping to be invited to the house warming! Obviously, you don’t want to give a gift that the person already owns, and you won’t want to give anything that is going to clutter up the house or cause them more stress than pleasure. The best housewarming gifts are things that can be used in the new house, but are small, casual, fun things that they can enjoy every day and that they probably won’t have already bought for themselves.

A personalised apron

This is the sort of thing that everyone needs, but that so many people would never usually think to buy for themselves, so it's the ideal gift to give to someone who has just moved home. Think about personalising an apron with a funny quote or saying, or even better, choose a personalised apron from Photo Stuff, which allows you to put a photograph of anything you want onto the front of the apron. This would make a great gift for a couple who have moved in together, as you can put a picture of them looking happy on the front!

Personalised alcohol

Handing over a bottle of wine or spirits at a housewarming party is expected, and it will probably be enjoyed there and then rather than kept for later. However, if you want to combine a boozy housewarming gift with something a little more special, why not buy craft ales, an expensive bottle of wine or flavoured spirit and have a photograph or the names of the people that have moved and a little message? This would be the perfect gift for them to enjoy later on, after everyone has gone home.

Personalised mugs

You can never have too many mugs, and everyone loves a mug with something special and personal on it. At Photo Stuff you can get mugs printed with their favourite images on as a lovely housewarming gift. Why not try a set of mugs that charts their friendship with you in pictures, for example?

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